15 June, 2014

Day 19

We ate breakfast at our castle-manor-house-hotel, then headed into town to an old used book shop we had seen the night before. The store was amazing! It had previously been a large church, but was now completely full of books. It had a large wood-burning fireplace in the middle and a spiral staircase leading upstairs to more books and a cafe. It also had a lot of vintage prints of various things including castles, fairies, story book illustrations, and botanical prints. We spent several hours there and could have browsed even longer.

We then headed toward Edinburgh with plans to stop by Stirling Castle on the way. We got a little bit lost, but finally made it. At the castle, we saw a woman re-creating one of the beautiful tapestries that would have hung in the castle. We saw the palace and the chapel and the great banqueting hall. Its amazing to imagine what life would have been like for the kings and queens living there thousands of years ago.

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