14 June, 2014

Day 18

We took our time in the morning with eating breakfast, packing up, and saying goodbye to Gilbert and George (the two donkeys). We then drove a few hours to Loch Ness, stopping again on the way to take some more photos of Eileen Donan Castle. When we got to Loch Ness, we went to the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre. The museum gave a good history of the situation and really left it up to you to decide if you believe in Nessy or not. I was amazed to learn about the many efforts to patrol and monitor the loch in search of her. I was also interested to learn that Loch Ness holds enough water to cover all the people in the world three times over. No wonder its been so difficult to search the entire thing! We spent a little while gazing out in search of her, but to no avail. Maybe next time...

We got lunch in Inverness and then spent some time shopping. It seemed like a really awesome little city and I wish we would have been able to spend some more time there. We stayed at Bunchrew House, which my Mom described as a castle-manor-house-thing. And that's exactly what it was: a large castle-shaped pink house. We decided to have a leisurely evening playing board games in the lounge. Then I headed to bed early, as I was feeling pretty sick.

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