28 August, 2009

Hello friends! Well the time has finally come and on Monday I will begin my four-month adventure in London, England. I'm a bit nervous, but mostly just really really excited!! I'm sad that I can't be with all my friends in Oregon this semester, but I will be thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers.
If you send me your address (or GFU box #) I would love to send you postcards!! And it might also be nice to receive some mail from you! :) You can send any mail to:
Lauren Kewley
c/o Student Mail
Atlantic House
Richmond, the American International University in London
1 St Alban's Grove
London W8 5PN
But please keep me updated on what is going on with you, wherever you are in the world! I'd love to hear from you! Anyways, I'll try to keep you posted on all my exciting English escapades!