10 June, 2014

Day 15

In the morning, we walked around the tiny town of Luss. It's a small picturesque village of quaint thatched-roofed cottages with beautiful flourishing gardens. My Mom loved it; Kevin was bored; my Dad disappeared, taking photos in an old church cemetery. The tension between my parents' desire for scenic activities and Kevin's need for adventure usually resolves in my favor with a good balance between the two. So after going in a few shops, we began our journey toward the Isle of Skye.

The drive rendered Scotland just as I'd remembered it. We travelled on a tiny road at the bottom of vast valleys dwarfed by beautiful mountainsides. I visited the area as a birthday trip in october of 2009 and thought it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I was now filled with excitement to share the experience with my family. We made our way through "Rest and Be Well" Pass, past Eileen Donan Castle, over the bridge, on to the Isle of Skye, and to our home for the next three days: a homestead complete with cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, donkeys, and two small "shepherd huts." Each hut was just big enough to fit a bed, a sink, and a small wood-burning fireplace. My parents stayed in one and Kevin and I stayed in the other, with just enough room for him to sleep on the floor. It was a really nice change from the hotels we'd been in and an experience we'll never forget!

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