09 June, 2014

Day 14

This was our last day in Ireland. Luckily, we had time for a couple of stops on our way to the airport. We got coffee in the little town of Banbridge, where my Mom's grandfather came from.

We then visited Newgrange, a strange large circular prehistoric monument. It was built around 3200BC, meaning its older than the pyramids and certainly the oldest thing I've ever seen! We took a bus to the site and listened to information from our guide before waiting our turn to go inside the monument. The inside of the tomb is perfectly aligned with the sun and remains in complete darkness all year, except for during sunrise of the winter solstice. While there is no agreement about what the site was used for, its engineering and construction proves it was of great importance. The giant 4-ton stones used in construction were transported over 20 kilometers in a time before the invention of the wheel. The site had an eerie feeling about it and remains a mystery.

Our tour of Newgrange fit perfectly into our schedule. From there, we drove straight to the airport for our flight to Glasgow, Scotland. Once in Glasgow, we got a rental car and headed toward the little town of Luss on the shore of Loch Lomond. While I enjoyed the bright green farmland of Ireland, I simply love the landscape of Scotland with its deep green trees and rugged, wild mountains and was excited to explore it.

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