16 March, 2012

I felt a million times better this week!  I even felt well enough to have coffee with my friend Danielle, who was visiting San Diego on her spring break from Mission Year in Houston!
Danielle and I
My doctor wanted to see me because of all the problems I had last week, so I met with her yesterday morning.  It was really beneficial because we were able to go over every side effect I had and discuss ways to prevent them or deal with them in the future.

Every Thursday, I have my blood drawn, just to check to make sure all my levels are good.  So, after my appointment with my doctor, I had my blood drawn.  About a half hour after we got home, the lab technician called and said I have neutropenia, which means my white blood count is low.  It's quite common for people who are getting my type of chemo because the drugs have such a big impact on the body.  Basically, your white blood cells help to fight infection.  So right now, I don't feel sick, but I am much more susceptible to picking up a little virus.  And if I do get sick, my body won't have the power to fight against it.  So today, instead of having my second dose of chemotherapy as scheduled, I had my white blood count checked again.  In order to be healthy enough for chemo, my white blood cell count needs to be over 1500.  Anything less than 1000 is considered neutropenia.  Yesterday, my count was 100 and this morning, it was a measly 91.  So I received a shot of neupogen, which works to boost my white blood cell production.  I'll get a neupogen shot on Saturday and Sunday as well, and return Monday to have my white blood cell count checked again.  Hopefully, the neupogen will do its job and I'll have enough white blood cells to have my chemotherapy treatment on Monday.

Please pray for me, that I won't get sick during this time and that my white blood cell count would rebound back to normal.  And, like always, I would like to thank everyone for all your support!

Beautiful flowers from my pastor, his wife,
and the entire staff at our church

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