03 June, 2011

I've been up to a lot lately! I went on a road trip with my roommates Maureen and Jyssica and our friend Katherine! We experienced a nice little dose of Southern hospitality -- we stopped to use the restroom at a little store and the sweet woman gave each of us a Georgia peach!
We ended up in the adorable bavarian town of Helen, located in North Georgia.

We had a short time when it was nice outside (it's recently been in the high 90s every day!!) so we made dinner over a campfire in our backyard!

We planted vegetables and flowers with some of our neighbors...
including Cynthia...

and Ms. Mary...
and Sean and Toby.

We went to a Braves vs. Phillies game...
and stayed afterwards for a free Ludacris concert!

We also had a picnic at Stone Mountain for Jyssica's birthday.

We celebrated Katherine's 25th birthday!

And I went on a weekend trip to Oregon to be in my friend Heidi's wedding!
It was such a blessing to get to hang out at Chapters

and to spend time with Heidi

and Lanae! (and a bunch of other wonderful friends!)
More pictures of the wedding are coming soon!


  1. Lauren, why can't I see the pics you posted??? The only one that comes through is the shot of your picnic at Stone Mt. :(

  2. Me too! I can only see one picture!