19 December, 2010

It's strange being home -- not in a bad way; it's just so different from my life in Atlanta. I went to church on sunday, the same church that I've gone to since I was seven years old. My San Diego church and my Atlanta church are starkly different. One has been around for over one hundred years, the other was started by a bunch of hippies in the seventies. One has thousands of attendees, the other around forty-five people. One congregation is mostly white, the other is all black. Worship styles are greatly different; one service is led by Phil Wickham and his father John, and the other is led by a choir of old women. The pastors have different theologies and teaching styles, but the beauty lies in this: both are filled with the children of God. His life and love resonate through the members at both churches. What a comfort to find God and his children no matter where I am!

Also, they played this adorable video in church and I wanted to share its joy with you.

My parents lead a home fellowship group of about twelve people from our church. They have been encouraging each other to truly reach out and share their faith with others. So, as an outreach project, they came up with a beautiful idea. They made about thirty stained-glass angels and decided to hand them out at a nursing home and visit with the residents. So after church, they ventured to Sunshine Care Nursing Home, and I tagged along. It was such a blessing to see how happy the residents were to have visitors and to receive a gift. So in honor of these beautiful little angels, I have chosen the following song for you...

December 19 Christmas Song of the Day:
Angels We Have Heard on High from Hark! Songs for Christmas Volume II

Short, but sweet. You can listen to it here.

December 20 Christmas Song of the Day:
Star of Wonder from Peace: Songs for Christmas Volume V

Last night, my parents took me to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I've grown up reading Narnia, so of course I loved the film, even though it was not completely true to Lewis's novel. Like the wise men in the nativity story, the crew of The Dawn Treader had a bright star who lead them on their journey. So on behalf of Lilliandil, I have chosen this song, which tells the charming story of an often forgotten character of the nativity. What a beautiful story about God choosing this little star for a great task. The lyrics are delightful...
I call you
From the comet's cradle
I found you
Trembling by yourself
When the night falls
Lightly on your right-wing shoulder
Wonderful know-it-all
Slightly where the night gets colder

December 21 Christmas Song of the Day:
The Winter Solstice from Peace: Songs for Christmas Volume V

Today is the winter solstice, therefore the song titled The Winter Solstice seems apropos. You can listen to it here. It is the shortest day of the year. But tonight is peculiar because there is also a lunar eclipse. This is only the second time since year 1AD that the two events will occur at the same time. The first happened in the year 1638. So what does this mean? I'm not too sure, but what I do know is that the Bible tells us "there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars" (Luke 21:25-28). So be diligent, keep watch, and let this sign be a remembrance that God has set His divine plan for you in motion.

With Love, from San Diego

P.S. In still-Christmas-but-not-Sufjan-related-music news, I'm in love with this Hey, It's Christmas compilation, especially track three. Listen to it here!

P.P.S. In still-good-but-not-Christmas-related-music news, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals's new album III/IV is really great. You can listen to the entire album here. Listen to it and love it!

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