02 December, 2010

It is always difficult to live in a place of brokenness. This week has been especially difficult for our team, as we are seeing first-hand some of the unfortunate things that go on in our neighborhood. I ask that you would keep our team in your prayers this week as we try to process through some of our new experiences. Also, leave a comment if you have any prayer requests!

This has been the first exceptionally chilly week here in Atlanta. It finally feels like winter, but in a dark, rainy, dreary sort of way. Maybe I’ve just forgotten what Winter in Oregon is like (it’s been two years since I’ve spent a December in Oregon), but this week has felt so much colder than Oregon ever felt. It’s currently 31° and it’s already 10:00am! Thus I have chosen this chilly song for you…

December 2 Sufjan Stevens Christmas Song of the Day:

Sister Winter from the album Peace: Songs for Christmas Volume V, which was released in 2005

This is by far one of my favorite Sufjan songs. You can listen to it here! The song captures the spirit of the entire month of December, marked by a chilling but beautiful blend of piano and strings. The beginning is solemn, but filled with anticipation for things to come. As the song continues on, the mood begins to lighten until everything is overflowing with excitement and joy. And that’s exactly how I feel today – captured by the chilly weather, but looking excitedly toward the holiday festivities that will soon be knocking at my door!

I hope wherever you are, you are staying nice and warm! Enjoy this lovely winter day!

With Love, from Atlanta

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