19 November, 2010

Monday nights are our team’s “family night.” This week, we went to the Atlanta Underground for a scavenger hunt! Maureen and I were partners and went around the mall, searching for silly things like crazy sunglasses, giant baseballs, things you would wear to prom, or something to take on a safari. It was so much fun!

This week at work, we’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving. UPS is donating a bunch of food for us to give to our clients and their families, so they can have a full Thanksgiving meal. We will be separating the food into different boxes and delivering them to clients. My job has been to decorate the boxes. So, along with a little help from my roommates, I made 36 holiday wreaths that say, “Enter With a Thankful Heart.” Colyn and I then wrapped the boxes in brown paper and attached the wreaths, so they are all ready when UPS delivers the food. It was a nice change to be able to do crafts instead of paperwork!

Now I am enjoying my Sabbath at SIP, an adorable little coffee shop near Lindbergh Center with good music, free Internet and delicious coffee. I hope you are enjoying your Friday as much as I am!

From Atlanta, with Love

Family Night! Maureen wearing crazy glasses

Giant Baseballs

GJP's Thanksgiving Boxes

Colyn and I with our pyramid of Thanksgiving boxes

SIP, where I'm spending my afternoon


  1. Lauren your boxes came out so cute. I'm sure the people who receive them will love what you have done for them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving
    Love Aunt Paula
    not sure how to post this--

  2. That place looks so cute! love you nessy!

  3. GIANT BASEBALLS!! Those are so great :)

    Sounds like a wonderful day love, & what a cute coffee shop to spend your afternoon at, I love it! Can't wait to talk again, miss you!