01 October, 2010

Saturday was our neighborhood outreach day again. I have a feeling this is going to be the most difficult day of the week for me. We are supposed to be out of our house from 1:00 to 6:00, hanging out with neighbors. Right now, we don’t really know too many people, so this means walking around the neighborhood for five hours! This was really frustrating this week because it was so so hot on Saturday! I could hardly bear it! The heat meant not too many people were out on their porches, so it was really hard to meet anyone. Thankfully, it started to cool down a little bit this week! Also, I think I might try to meet people at different community events, instead of just walking around.

Working at the Georgia Justice Project has been really great so far. On Tuesday, they had a big breakfast to welcome me and a few other newbies to the team! Everyone has been really friendly and welcoming! And I’ve been learning so much about so many new things!

One of my duties is to open and read letters that come in from people who are seeking legal help. I then either pass the letter on to an attorney to read over, or respond and say we’re sorry, but we can’t take your case. Reading these letters is one of my favorite, yet most distressing tasks. I love being able to hear directly from people and to learn what they need. But at the same time, most stories are heartbreaking. One man asked for help getting out of prison so he could take care of his three children, who he said need him just as much as he needs them. Most people claim they are innocent and wrongfully imprisoned. One woman is so desperate for help that she has written to us three separate times, and each time, we respond in our most caring voice that we are unable to help her.

I got a call this week from a woman whose husband had recently been arrested and put in jail. I could tell she was struggling to keep it together so she could tell me their story, and towards the end, she broke out in uncontrollable tears. My heart broke for her and for the many people that have contacted me through GJP. I am so blessed that God has chosen to use me to help them, even if I can’t help with much! This week was tiring, to say the least, and I’m glad to have a day off to relax! I’ll have my phone on Fridays, so if you wanna chat, give me a call!

From Atlanta, With Love!

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