24 September, 2010

This week was wonderful! Let me tell you what I did…

Saturday was our first day of neighborhood outreach. I walked around with Maureen for about four hours, meeting people in our neighborhood. An adorable old woman named Jacquelyn invited us to sit with her on her porch. She offered us tea and we talked for about an hour about our lives and our neighborhood. On Saturday night, we had our first hospitality night! We invited our neighbors Brandie (21) and Nesha (16) over for dinner. They were babysitting and brought their nieces Nia (8) and Mia (7) and nephew Aaron (5). We played games with the kids and had so much fun with them! Brandie commented that Nia usually has to clean up and take care of the other kids, and doesn’t usually get a chance to play. It was such a blessing that we could provide a space for her to be a kid and to simply have fun! Although we’ve just met these neighbors, they already have a place in my heart!

This was my first week of work and I absolutely loved it! For the rest of my time in Atlanta, I will be at the Georgia Justice Project (GJP) from 9:00-5:00, Monday through Thursday. I am the receptionist as well as the Criminal Intake Coordinator, which means I deal with a lot of potential clients and a lot of paperwork. So basically, GJP provides legal and social services for people who are in legal trouble and can’t afford a lawyer. It’s such a wonderful organization and the more I learn about what they do, the more I love it!

This week was a lot of fun, but really overwhelming, just trying to get acclimated to my job and my neighborhood. So I welcome this day, my Sabbath, with open arms so I can rest and prepare for another busy week!

From Atlanta, with Love

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