22 October, 2010

Happy Autumn!! Atlanta has been kind of late on changing seasons… so I decided I’m going to celebrate Fall, even if it isn’t here yet! On Saturday, I went to a pumkin patch with two of my roommates (Jyssica and Kaitlin) and a bunch of neighbors including Angie, eight-year-old Jayanna, Kim and her thirteen-year-old daughter Alexa, and the Beard family (Beatrice, Brandon, their four-year-old daughter Blair, and their one-year-old son Blake)! We took a hayride, went through the “crazy maze” and took a stroll through the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun and a really good time of getting to know my neighbors better.

Work this week was average. Nothing exciting happened, but nothing horrible happened either. Maureen stayed home sick this week. She’s feeling well now, but please pray that she continues to get better! Also, please pray that the rest of our team won’t get sick!

Last night (Thursday) was an important night for us as a team. We have spent the past six weeks getting to know each other, talking about our expectations for this year, and realigning our expectations with reality. Over the past week, we wrote a covenant of things we promise to each other. This includes how we will treat each other, how we will approach conflict, how we will strive for justice, how we will seek relationships with our neighbors, and how we will work towards living simply. Last night, we had our commissioning service. We read our covenant together and signed it in front of witnesses. Our team captain Emily washed our feet as a sign of her attitude of servant-hood toward us. It was a very sacred time in which we prayed together and committed to each other. This was the official beginning of our Mission Year. Last night, all five of us started from the same place together, as a team.

I am now sitting next to a lake at Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s largest park that was designed by the same guy who designed New York’s Central Park. It’s a perfect day for sitting in the park. And although it’s warm and there’s not a cloud in the sky, a few of the leaves are starting to change colors. The beautiful golden leaves are reflected in the lake and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I hope things are equally gorgeous for your, wherever you happen to be!

From Atlanta, with Love

P.S. Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch…

All of us!

The pumpkin patch!

Four-year-old Blair

One-year-old Blake

Blair and I in jail :(

Us with Mr. Donkey

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  1. Your neighbor kids are absolutely adorable!! That looks like you had so much fun :) You're in my prayers!