05 June, 2014

Day 8

We ate breakfast this morning at our B&B. I had a delicious veggie omelette. Vivienne, the caretaker, was able to give Kevin a brochure for a place in town that rents bicycles. So after breakfast, he walked into town and rented one. We then all set out for the Dingle Peninusla, Kevin on a bike and the rest of us in the car. We took the Slea Head Drive, a 30-mile circular route around the entire Peninusla. The drive was beautiful, but very cold, rainy, and windy. We stopped along the way to sip coffee by a fire and later for some lunch. We hiked up to one of the many beehive huts, properly called Clochans. They are round huts made of stone, dating back to the 12th century. We also stopped several times to take photos of the beautiful rugged cliffs. At one of our stops, I hiked out to a large jagged rock that juts out over the ocean, Dad yelling at me to "be careful" the entire time. We passed Kevin a few times along the way. His bike got a flat tire so someone had to bring him a new one, which delayed him nearly an hour. He seemed to enjoy the journey, but was exhausted by the time it was over. I was tired too, so we both took a long afternoon nap.

Vivienne made us dinner reservations at a Michelin-rated restaurant called The Chart House. I had a salad with melon, cashews, and a duck wonton, followed by a lentil, tomato, and sweet potato strudel, then a cup of coffee to finish things off. It was delicious and the Michelin rating well deserved. We then went to O'Sullivan's Courthouse Pub for traditional music. I got a baileys and cream, which tasted dangerously similar to ice cream. But hey, when in Rome (or Dingle), right?

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