06 June, 2014

Day 12

We ate breakfast at our B&B then drove toward Slieve League. We got a little lost on the way, but ended up above a secluded beach surrounded by grassy cliffsides topped with sheep, just grazing away unaware of the beauty around them. This entire trip has been filled to the brim with beauty and today's sunny skies didn't hurt.

We eventually found our way to the tiny harbor below Slieve League. We boarded a small boat with Captain Paddy and a total of 13 passengers, which exceeded the permitted number on the tiny ship. We embarked on an hour-and-a-half journey on the North Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Slieve League. We were told this area has the tallest sea cliffs in Europe, though I'm not certain of that statement's truth. Regardless, the coastline was extraordinary. The rocky cliffs dwarfed our tiny boat and we could just barely make out an ant-sized hiker atop one of the summits. The water was the calmest ocean I've ever seen, lending a surreal quality to the entire experience.

After our boat ride, we drove to the top of the cliffs and took some photos. The cliffs looked huge from the bottom, but gazing off from the top and seeing an itsy bitsy boat down below made me realize they were much more enormous than I previously thought.

We drove through a few towns and enjoyed the gorgeous, colorful landscape on our way back to Donegal. We ate dinner in the restaurant at my parents' castle hotel, then went back to our B&B for a good night's rest after a long, full day.

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