14 May, 2014

I originally started this blog in 2009 to keep people updated on my travels during my semester abroad.  Since I will be travelling for about six weeks this summer, I figure it’s about time to revive my blog. 

It’s been over a year since my last post and, understandably, a lot has changed in my life since then.  So here’s a really quick timeline of what’s been going on…

2013 was a beautiful year.  I went to San Francisco as a leader for the high school group at my church.  I visited my brother in Carpinteria in March and again in May.  I worked at Starbucks from November 2012 until August.  I started graduate school and am pursing a dual Master’s of Social Work and Master’s of Public Health at San Diego State University.  I visited New Jersey in September for my aunt’s surprise 60th birthday party.  I turned 25 in October.  And over Christmas break, I went on the most beautiful road trip with my Nessy (Katy) from Portland all the way down the coast to San Diego.

2014 has been just as wonderful so far.  We took a family trip to Catalina for Kevin’s birthday.  I went skydiving and to Santa Barbara over spring break.  A few weeks ago, I went to Atlanta to celebrate the wedding of my dear friends, Katherine and Adam.  And today, finished up my first year of grad school. 

Tomorrow morning, my family and I are leaving for a three-week trip to Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.  My ancestors come from all three of these places, and I am eager to see them all!  We may not have much internet access, but I’ll try to update as often as possible, so stay tuned!


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