26 July, 2012

This has been a busy week for me.  I got my blood checked, a PET scan, and a CT scan on monday.  Yesterday, I met with my doctor for the results of the scans and... I'M CANCER FREE!!!!  Praise the Lord!! Technically, I'm "in complete remission," but I think it's much easier to just say I'm cancer free!  So that means I can stop taking all of my medications and can stop going to the doctor three times a week.  Instead, I'll go in for a check-up once every three months for two years, then every six months, and eventually just once a year!

While everything on my scans looked good in terms of the cancer, they found a small pulmonary embolism.  My doctor thinks what happened is that a small blood clot formed at the end of my port and then travelled into my lung.  This can sometimes be a big deal, but it's not in my case because it hasn't affected my breathing and I haven't had any of the symptoms.  However, in order to make sure the clot dissolves and that another one doesn't form, I have to get shots twice a day for ten days and take blood thinner pills for six weeks.  Then hopefully all of my medical issues will finally be behind me!

Anyways, even though I'm not one-hundred-percent healthy, I'm still cancer free! So I'm having a party as a way to celebrate and to thank you all for your support!  If you said even just one tiny little prayer for me, then you have been a great support and I want you at my party! Unfortunately, most of you live in other states and won't be able to make it, but please know that I am more than grateful for all of your support these past months! I am incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends!! But if you live in or near San Diego, I hope you can make it (email me if you need directions)!
I am getting my port removed on Monday, so please pray that everything goes well! Also, please keep me in prayer as I deal with this pulmonary embolism.  Thanks again for all the support you have given me! I couldn't have made it through this without all of you!

"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds," declares the Lord.
- Jeremiah 30:17

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