28 February, 2012

The last few days have been bittersweet...

Last Thursday, I had my port implanted. Essentially, a port is a little metal device that they insert under the skin in my chest. It has a plastic tube attached to it that goes up into my neck and then down into one of the big veins in my heart. This little device is what the doctors will use to give me my chemotherapy, instead of having to give me an IV in the wrist every time. They can also use it whenever I need to have my blood drawn. So basically, they can plug me in and unplug me when I'm done. It's just like Neo from the Matrix, so that's pretty awesome.

What's not so awesome is what happened when I went in to have my port implanted. They told me I would be given both general and local anesthesia, and it would last about an hour. So my nurse took me in to the operating room and started giving me the general anesthesia. As I waited for the anesthesia to take effect, they started giving me the local anesthesia. I waited and waited for it to kick in, and then I began to feel them starting the procedure! After awhile, the local anesthesia began to work (thank God!), but the general anesthesia never did! I was wide awake the entire time. My nurse said they've never had that happen before. Needless to say, it was a bit traumatic...

Luckily, my friend Lanae came to visit the same day (I'm sure waiting at the hospital and hanging out with my parents while I slept was really fun for her)! She was already planning on visiting me in Atlanta, so once we found out that my life was taking a little turn, she changed her flight to San Diego instead. It was really good to spend time with her and to have a friend with me while I'm going through such a stressful time! And of course, I was sad to have to send her home!

Lanae and I in Balboa Park

Lanae almost got eaten by a shark.
Luckily, I rescued her just in time!

I finally took off my bandages today. The spot where my port was put in seems to be healing well, though the entire area is still sore. I have three more tests tomorrow (EKG, echocardiogram, and pulmonary function) and then will meet with my oncologist on Thursday for all of the results. Hopefully we will be able to make a firm treatment plan and I will be able to start chemotherapy next week! Please just be praying that all of my test results are good and that everything goes smoothly with the doctors this week!



  1. You're amazing. Keep up the good fight, Lauren! And know that we miss you!

  2. We sure do miss you and think about you constantly. You are in my prayers. I know you will get through this and be even more wonderful.....if that is possible!