05 September, 2011

I had an absolutely wonderful vacation! Unfortunately, my friends and I were too poor to go to Disneyland, but we did do some other awesome things! I went to the beach, visited the Little Italy Farmer's Market, and went to see a couple movies (Midnight in Paris, One Day, and The Debt). My parents and I took a tour of the famous Marston House and gardens. We learned all about the craftsman architectural style and about the Marston family, who helped to form San Diego and contributed so much to our beautiful city!

The Marston House, dining room, and library.

I had plenty of time to visit my favorite place in San Diego: Balboa Park! I had a lovely picnic under some trees with my bestie Katy, our good friend Bryan, and Katy's boyfriend Dustin. We played some music (like the good ol' days), took a nap in the sun, and meandered around the park. I also had time to visit the San Diego Museum of Art and enjoy the work of some of history's most wonderful artists.

I spent a lot of time with family this week. My brother Kevin came down from Santa Barbara for a few days. He got to San Diego early and came to meet me at a coffee shop where I was reading. I was about to leave to pick my mom up from work, so we decided to surprise her that Kevin was already there. As I pulled up to her office, Kevin climbed into the very back of our SUV. My mom got in to the car and we started chit-chatting. She asked me if I had heard anything from Kevin, when all of the sudden, he came climbing out of the back. I knew my mom was going to be surprised, but I was not at all prepared for her reaction. She screamed louder than I've ever hear her scream before, not once, but twice! It was hilarious, to say the least, and truly made my day!

I also spent some time with my cousin Caitie. We attempted to make some French macarons, but did not succeed. So we decided to try an easier sandwich-style dessert: whoopie pies! They turned out to be delicious, and were quite adorable, if I do say so myself.

I spent time with a couple other great friends, went to the library, and simply hung out. But, what was probably the most monumental part of my week was my first ever eye exam. Ever since my surgery in June, I've noticed some things are a little blurrier than normal. I can see far away and I can see close up, but things in the middle are just a little fuzzy. I mentioned this to my surgeon and he said I should probably just go to the eye doctor. So that's exactly what I did! And it turns out, I have an astigmatism, which means I got glasses...

I've also had really bad headaches for the past eight years, so I'm hoping these glasses will help them go away! I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Overall, it was a really wonderful, relaxing vacation, and was just what I needed! Now it's back to life in Atlanta!

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  1. I love the whoopie pies!! So glad you filled them!! Hehe :o)