23 June, 2011

Yesterday, I got home from work to find our power was out. It had been quite stormy earlier and a huge tree in my neighborhood fell on the power lines. We ended up without power for about eight hours. We borrowed a lighter from one of our neighbors and lit a bunch of candles, along with our gas stove so we could cook dinner. It was fun at first - the golden glow of candles and the nostalgic smell of fire - but after awhile, we began to get frustrated. In case you didn't know, it's hot in Georgia in the middle of June. Real, real hot. And without our air conditioner and fans, our house began to get pretty hot too. I wanted to take a shower, but it was too dark in our bathroom. Electricity is one of those things you don't think about unless it's gone. But last night made me realize how much we truly do depend on it. And it made me feel pretty pathetic for having difficulty going without electricity for only a few hours! I couldn't help but think of our brothers and sisters around the world who can't afford or don't have access to electricity. It's easy to compare our lives to those who have more than us, but in reality, we have a lot! And a lot to be thankful for!

We are more than blessed! Praise God! And don't forget to pray for those who have not been blessed with the resources we have!

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