03 March, 2011

Two weekends ago, I had a lovely visit from my wonderful parents! It was great to show them around my neighborhood and the city and to let them see what I've been doing here in Atlanta! We spent time at the Piedmont Botanical Gardens, The Margaret Mitchell House, The Federal Reserve Museum, and Oakland Cemetery! We went to The World of Coke with my roommates (except for Kaitlin who was at a wedding in Wichita for the weekend) and Maureen's adorable mother! We also had a bunch of neighbors over for a meal together, which was great and allowed my parents to meet some of the people in my community. On Sunday, they came to church with me, an experience that was surely different for them, but that they enjoyed immensely. Here are a few pictures from our trip to The World of Coke.

Dad and Mom waiting in line for The World of Coke

Emily and Jyssica

Maureen and her Mom

Family portrait minus Kevie (miss you, brother!!)

My Dad and I

This past weekend, we held a talent show in our neighborhood! We had a ton of people show up and surprise us with their talents. It was a lot of fun! Several of our neighbors asked if we could do something similar again, so I think they really enjoyed it! And thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us!
The East Point Mission Year Team singing for a packed house

Kaitlin and Kim

Maureen and Kaitlin leading the audience in song and dance

"Sam" (aka Caz Tod) telling a story about killing Scott the Duck!

As part of my studies at George Fox, I wrote a mission statement for my life. This past month, Caz asked us to write a mission statement. I revisited my statement from a few years ago and feel proud that I have been able to live out parts of my statement and am moving towards my vision for my life. By no means am I perfect, but by the grace of God, I am trying my best to achieve my dreams. I re-wrote a few areas of this statement to include newly discovered passions. I want to share this mission statement with you so you can gain a deeper understanding of my reasons for participating in Mission Year and my heart for my life, my neighbors, and the world.

It is my personal mission...
to live a life defined by the love of God.
to use the gifts, talents, and resources that God has given me to do what He is calling me to do.
to bless others and to light up their lives with His love.
to live a life marked by integrity.
to seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, and to learn from every situation I am in and from every person I meet.
to learn the breadth of God's love and the diversity of His people by travelling to, taking part in, and experiencing different cultures.
to seek justice and liberation for those who are oppressed.
to show hospitality to all God's children.
to welcome the orphan, the widow, and the stranger.
to find God's beauty in all things.
to seek peace in all places.
to tread lightly on the earth, take care of God's creation, and be a good steward of what He has given me.
to seek a sustainable society and a clean healthy environment.
to encourage creativity.
to find inspiration in the simple things.
to be more adventurous each day.
to live my life to its fullest, achieve my full potential, and give my all in every situation.
to be content regardless of my circumstances, whether full or hungry, rich or poor, hands full or hands empty.
and to do all of these things with humility, for the glory of God.

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  1. First, I love that Kevin is replaced by a giant polar bear in the family portrait ;)

    Second, I love the idea of a mission statement for your life...thanks for sharing! I definitely see and hear God's love whenever I talk to you :) Miss you!