07 February, 2011

So, I took my test last Tuesday. Sitting in a cubicle, looking at a computer screen for three hours wasn't all that different from work, but was much more stressful. Because it was a computerized test, I got my scores back immediately. I did really well in the math section, though that isn't really relevant to the programs I'm applying to and will hardly help me to get in. I thought I did poorly on the verbal section (the section that actually counts). I felt terrible and was sort of freaking out during my entire walk home. But I later looked up scores online and found out that I actually did pretty well! So now that my test is over and one application is complete, all I have to do is submit my second application and then wait to hear back from the schools.

On top of all the graduate school stress, I've started a new community service site! It's additional to the Georgia Justice Project, so I'm gonna be a lot busier than before, but I think it's worth it because it will be working for something I'm extremely passionate about -- the environment! The organization I will be working with is called Green My Hood and it deals with environmental issues in my neighborhood. Please visit the organization's website and read the informative article (posted on March 18th) about some of the heartbreaking effects of environmental racism in my neighborhood. You can read it here.

The first project I am helping out with is a beautification project. Our neighborhood is home to a huge automobile impound lot, which is surrounded by a giant, ugly green fence. Green My Hood is working with the owners of the lot, the South Atlanta Civic League, a professional artists named Totem, and members of the community in order to get a 661-foot-long mural painted on the fence. This will be the largest mural in Atlanta. It's really exciting to be a part of this and I can't wait until it's finished! I'll keep you guys posted about it.

I'm really excited about what God has been doing in me and through my Mission Year so far. The poor are being cared for, relationships are being developed, and the Kingdom of God is being built! But Mission Year can't continue to spread the love in some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in our country without your help! I need your help to continue strong in my ministry here! So, we are doing a love drive for Mission Year during the week of Valentine's Day! Please show me some love and consider making a special contribution toward my Mission Year by clicking here. If you donate $50 or more, you will get an awesome special-edition Love Drive t-shirt! Thanks for your love and support!

From Atlanta, with Love

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