27 January, 2011

"We each have a dream, a vision of life that corresponds to our convictions, embodies our uniqueness, and expresses what is life-giving within us. Whether altruistic or ignoble, the dream gives definition to our lives, influences the decisions we make, the steps we take, and the words we speak. Daily we make choices that are either consistent with or contrary to our vision. A life of integrity is born of fidelity to the dream."
- Brennan Manning
The Ragamuffin Gospel
Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his beautiful dream for America. As a part of my Mission Year, I have been encouraged to develop my own dream for this world, to give words to my vision. And I want to share that vision with you...

My dream world is full of urban gardens and small farms. Everyone is able to grow their own food, or can receive food from those who have grown extra. People are willing to share their excess with others. No one is hungry.

My dream world is full of people who own their own home with an extra room. No one is taken advantage of through paying rent. Extra rooms are shared with those who don't have a home of their own. Hospitality is a priority. No one is homeless.

My dream world is full of people who own their own land or small business. Labor is not bought and sold as a commodity, but everybody is productive. People own what they create, and therefore have means to a stable income. No one is poor.

My dream world is full of people who are unified in community. They hold each other accountable. No one is abused by the criminal justice system. People bring their concerns, needs, and struggles to one another and work together to relieve them. No one is left alone.

My dream world is full of people who recycle, use renewable energy sources, and take good care of the earth. God's creation is as beautiful and productive as it is meant to be. No one is left un-romanced by God.

This is my dream for the world. What's yours?

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