07 December, 2010

Ok, so I know I'm supposed to be posting Sufjan's Christmas music, but I'm making one exception because I can't resist telling you about Coldplay's brand new Christmas song. It was just released on December 1st and is consistent with all of their previous music (aka it's really, really good). But the awesome part is the music video, which was filmed in London less than two weeks ago and edited to appear as one continuous shot. I adore this video with its Mighty Boosh-esque backdrop, vaudevillian waves and stage props, oriental lanterns, and a big round moon. Plus, what could be more awesome than orchestral Elvises below a big sign that declares "I Believe Elvis Lives" in Latin? The sing-along quality of this song makes it eligible for becoming a Christmas classic. And like most things, the romantic fireworks over St. Paul's Cathedral make me want to be back at the Christmas Market on the South Bank of the River Thames (I had almost forgotten about our market project until I saw Chris Martin singing from a stage placed precisely where I stood twelve months ago). Anyways, here's the video! Enjoy!

December 8 Christmas Song of the Day: Coldplay's Christmas Lights

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