24 September, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since my last update! I've been extremely busy, but am having so so much fun! I've walked around numerous areas of London, including St. James's Park, which is a gorgeous park near Buckingham Palace. The park has a lake in the middle and was absolutely adorable but, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me. I will definitely need to go back sometime soon and take some pictures of the park.

Last thursday, my friend Kevin and I went to see Neko Case play at the Barbican Centre. I was afraid I wouldn't like her music very much because she sometimes sounds very country, but I really enjoyed it and I now love her music! After the show, we walked around London and explored. We crossed the Thames on the Millennium walking bridge. It was so wonderful to see the city at night, with everything all lit up. Somehow, St Paul's Cathedral is even more beautiful at night. We also got hot chocolate at McDonalds, which is always a big enough adventure by itself, but it was after midnight and all the Brits were drunk and had food all over their faces. Afterwards, we braved the night bus for the first time, and found it to be a surprisingly easy mode of public transportation.

As promised, I've returned to the Troubadour twice since my last post. I've learned that they have the most delicious (and cheap) peppermint tea, which will be really wonderful once it starts raining and I am in need of something warm and cozy. I also got a white russian at the Troubadour, which was surprisingly yummy. It tasted very similar to an ice cream sunday. Although I liked it, my philosophy is... why not just buy an ice cream sunday instead?? And since we're on the subject of alcohol... I also tried white and rose wine which were surprisingly good. My parents usually only drink red wine, so thats the only kind I've ever tried before. I don't like red wine at all (sorry Mom and Dad) but the other kinds aren't too bad. But as I said before, I would much rather get ice cream or coffee, which I've been drinking almost every day since I started college. There are tons of adorable cafes around town with great coffee and amazing pastries. I have already filled my loyalty card at Caffe Nero (shocking, huh...) and am excited to get a free caramelatte soon!

Saturday is the perfect day for exploring one of the numerous markets around London, so last weekend I went to Portobello Road market. I had a delicious smoothie and a wonderful donut (I'm sure you're all shocked again...). The market is great for antiques and several vendors were selling vintage cameras, which was very tempting, but I was able to resist. However, the big project for my sociology course is on Portobello Road, so I'm sure I will be returning often and can't promise that I won't end up with another adorable 1920s art deco brownie camera :) On saturday night, I went to northwest London to see a band play, called the Whispertown 2000. They were absolutely amazing and I had a ton of fun! The venue was small but cozy and reminded me a bit of Lestat's. It's nice that I can still go see bands I like even though I'm not at at home.

I went to church at Reality London on sunday. Afterwards, I went out to a pub with the pastor, his wife, and a few of the church members. It was really nice to be able to get to know them better. All the people I have met there have been incredibly warm and friendly toward me. Most of them have moved here from the states to pursue ministry and it was really encouraging to hear some of the things they have been involved with in London.

School has been pretty easy. I've had one "paper" due so far, but it was only 500 words and was a review of an art gallery, so I'm not sure if it even counts. I went to the Queen's Gallery and to the British Museum with my art history class. The museums and galleries here are so amazing and I'm lucky to be able to visit them on class time :) Besides that, I've been doing a lot of reading. I get the feeling that my classes here are going to be a breeze compared to Fox. If any of you see Lisa or Melanie, tell them how much I miss their classes!!!

Besides that, I've just been walking around and exploring different parts of London. The weather has been really nice lately, which has been perfect for wandering around. I've spent a fair amount of time in Hyde Park, which is wonderful and relaxing. Last night, we attempted to watch the Wizard of Oz, which was being shown for free in an outside amphitheatre near the Thames. It was really crowded and started to rain, so we left early. It made me miss Fox's "movie on the lawn." How was it? And what movie did they play?

Regrettably, I barely took any pictures this week. But I am leaving for Paris tomorrow morning, bright and early, and will be there all weekend, so I promise I will take tons of photos! I hope you all are doing well, whether in Oregon, California, or anywhere else. Send me an email... or letter :) I would love to know how you're doing!


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  1. movie on the lawn became movie in the bon or something along the sorts....i didn't even go I was so bummed out! I miss you!

    I've started writing you a letter, but I feel like its going to be a big note of many days since I have no free time =(